School Prayers and Anthem

Prayer of a Principal

Keep me, O Lord from every evil word

From worry, fear, idleness, hasty temper,

Useless complaint and falsehood.

Make my heart pure and my lips clean,

Give me to share your joys

And let my words and deeds

Be full of courage and good cheer,

Lest I should bear false witness

to your loving care.

Give me strength sufficient

For this day’s duties

And enough besides to keep me kind.



Prayer of the Teachers


God, you are my patience, my strength ,

My light and my counsel. ,

in what I have to say to my pupils and Help me to stand for the hard

You make them responsive to my word.

Be with them and with me at all times

Give me for their sake a share in the

Gift of your Spirit, wisdom,

Understanding, counsel, courage, knowledge,

filial devotion to You and a

Fear of displeasing You.

Increase my faith and give me zeal to do Your will.



Prayer of the Students

O God, give me clean hands,

Clean words and clean thoughts,

Help me to stand for the hard

right against the easy wrong.

Save me from habits that harm,

Teach me to work hard and play fair

Forgive me when I am unkind

and forgive others who are unkind to me.

Keep me ready to help others, and

Send me chances to do good every day




Bishop Anthony Lobo MUSIC:
French Song [The Scouts’ Promise]

We want to know, to love and serve
God and Humanity
We want grow, we want to build
Ourselves and society


St. Lawrence’s we‘re proud to be
Midst troubles or midst joys
Now and through the years to come
Your loyal boys.

We want to shine in every way
With our God given light
We want to glow, with every day
In mind and heart, more bright.



The purpose of St. Lawrence's High School is to prepare students with promise to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth so that they may realize their power for good as citizens of Pakistan.

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